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[eclipse-dev] IMPORTANT: plug-in versions changing to 2.0.0 for Tuesday 8am integration build

In preparation for M6, all Eclipse component owners *must* change their
plug-in version number  to 2.0.0 in time for this Tuesday's 8am integration

Plug-in and plug-in fragments: this involves editing the plugin.xml or
fragment.xml and changing the version attribute to "2.0.0" (n.b. a 3-part
version id).
The only exemptions are org.apache.ant, org.apache.lucene,
org.apache.xerxes, org.junit, and org.eclipse.tomcat -- these all have
3-part version ids taken from their content.

Features: this involves editing the feature.xml and changing the version
attribute of the <feature> element to "2.0.0". The version attribute of the
<plugin> elements nested within the <feature> also need to be changed to
match the one for the plug-in.

If this causes you any problems please let me know today.


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