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[eclipse-dev] *IMPORTANT* -- "gtk1x" is no longer being built.

Up until today, there have been two versions of Eclipse for GTK:
  - "gtk1x" which was based on the GTK1.2 code base
  - "gtk" which was based on the GTK2 code base

The intent has always been to move exclusively to the "gtk" version
(based on GTK2) as soon as both SWT and GTK2 itself were stable enough
to allow Eclipse to be a viable development platform there.

Starting with the next integration build (but effective tonight for the
nightly builds), we are claiming that this point has been reached:
  - more than 50 of the PRs which were outstanding against the
    "gtk1x" version have been fixed in the "gtk" version.
  - three of the SWT committers are running the "gtk" version
    for all linux development.
  - all common development paths have been tested, with only
    minor visual/interaction gliches reported.
(It's really *much* better than the "gtk1x" version now.)

Given the above, we have decided to discontinue the building of the
"gtk1x" version of Eclipse. Effectively, this means that "gtk1x" drops
will no longer appear on the drops page, and in addition, all work on
the "gtk1x" version will be halted.

However, the code for the "gtk1x" version of SWT will remain in the repository, and anyone who is interested in accessing it
can still do so. TO BE COMPLETELY CLEAR: No more work is being done on
the "gtk1x" code. You will effectively be looking at a snapshot as of
today. If someone other than one of the current SWT committers wants to
continue working with that code, they should contact us on the
platform-swt-dev mailing list.

Work is continuing full time on the new "gtk" version. We want to make
it a first class platform for R2.0, so starting next integration build,
anyone who can get it and test it out, please do so. Enter bug reports
against SWT.


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