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Re: [eclipse-dev] Integration Build posted - READ ME!

Just a clarification and some workarounds ...

If you don't need to use the update manager, don't launch it in 0510 build.
If for some reason you get yourself into the failure-mode, just delete the
.metadata/.config/ directory in your workspace, and restart.

If for some reason you have a need to launch the update manager, then run
your eclipse with "-update" command line option (temporary option that
triggers execution of some extra code ... not running it is causing the

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Hi folks,

The good news is a new integration build is posted to  The
bad news is it has a serious bug but you probably will not encounter it.

If you invoke the update manager on the new build you will never be able to
restart Eclipse.  The update team is looking into this as we speak.
However, since the update manager is largely unimplemented this should not
cause much hardship.

So for this build, please do not use the update manager.  (Bug ID: 15758)


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