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[eclipse-dev] Launching changes in today's build

There are some changes in the launch confiugration dialog, and in the run/deubg actions in the toolbar in today's build to be aware of.

Changes in the launch configuration dialog:

(1) To free up screen realestate for editing launch configurations, the tree of launch configurations has been made more narrow by removing the "copy" button from the dialog. The "new" button copies a configuration when a configuration is selected, and creates a new configuration (based on the workbench selection) when a configuration type is selected.

(2) The "Cancel" button has been replaced with a "Close" button. You will be prompted to save any unsaved changes when closing the dialog.

(3) A "Revert" button has been added to the edit area to undo any changes on the currently selected launch configuration.

Changes to run/debug actions:

(1) Pressing the run or debug toolbar buttons launches the configuration that was last launched (in the workspace), in the appropriate mode (run or debug).

(2) To create a new launch configuration, use the cascading menu items on the run or debug menu. For example "New Configuration -> Local Java Application" - this will create a new configuration based on the selection in the workbench (or active editor).

(3) "Single-click launching" preference has been removed. It was determined that a preference which changes the behavior of a toolbar button is disorienting to the user.

We are already aware of one usability issue related to the changes - specifically, the ability to select a "main" class and perform single-click debugging/running. This issue has been logged in a bug report:


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