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[eclipse-dev] Feature Builds

Hi folks,

Vlad, Jim and RelEng have been working hard last week and today to get the Feature Build story whipped into shape.

The plan is to try and get this out for Tuesday's integration build.  Sorry for the extremely short notice.  I am sure this is outside of everybody's comfort zone, but the feeling of he Feature Folks is it is uncomfortable and won't actually become comfortable until we force ourselves to stew in it.

First the good news,

We seem to be able to build this thing for Windows and for Linux Motif.  And these platforms can, in fact, self host.

Now for the bad news, to make this all come together for tomorrow here is what needs to be done and the people I think need to make it happen.  

For each item I need to know if:
        1) This can be fixed in time for the build.
        2) If #1 can not be achieved is it a show stopper.


Help - ( Konrad ) Will be broken because it will look in the wrong place for SWT stuff.  SWT has changed to fragments.
Platform Launcher (Kevin @ Rational) - Will need the -ws option to start for GTK versions.  Seems to work for Motif version. I suspect we can live with a click through for this.
Missing GTK2 fragment with custom build script (Veronika and Sonia)  Can not be built without this.  Veronika has committed to Tuesday morning for this.

Vlad's code has to be merged with M6 stream code.  (Vlad, Other teams, Dean) Some code has to be brought out of test repositories and into the real repository.  

Move feature.xml into (RelEng & Infra)

Legal (Adrian) - Are the legal notices still where they need to be.

Change all plug-in versions to 1.9.0 and update feature.xml files.  Each team is responsible for changing their plugin.xml files.  RelEng will change the feature definitions.

Move Source zips into new location (Not required for initial release but will be required soon after.  Dejan to supply support, RelEng to put files in correct place)


It is going to be fun but I'm sure if we all pull together we can pull this off.  Please speak up if I've omitted anything, offended anybody or just plain ruined your day.


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