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Re: [eclipse-dev] Comments on Eclipse Project DRAFT 2.0 Plan


I can see that the comment in the plan is a bit confusing.  The old VCM
component created a project description file (.vcm_meta) that was stored in
the project content area.  This file contained all the "essential"
information about a project: its nature (java project, PDE project, etc),
its build spec, and its project dependencies.  A consequence of the new VCM
story is that this description file is now maintained by the Platform Core
(now called .project).  This means the project description file is always
present, and it makes the project content area "self describing".  You can
now zip up or copy the project content area, then use the Project Import
wizard to bring that project into another instance of the platform.  This
eliminates the need for a special project interchange file format, because
a ZIP file will suffice.  Below is a link to the RFC that describes this
change in more detail:

I hope that clears up the confusion.

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In the April 18 draft 2.0 plan, one of the points is:

Begin Quote:

[Deleted item] Provide project interchange mechanism. We will provide a way
to export the resources in one of more workspace projects to an archive
that it can be saved for posterity or imported to another workspace. This
affects the Core and UI components.  [A consequence of the new VCM story is
that we do not need to provide a special mechanism for project interchange.
Therefore we are removing this uncommitted item from the 2.0 plan.]

End Quote

I've read the section on the VCM component in the plan, and I don't see how
that replaces a project interchange mechanism.

I'm interested in the case where a new developer starts work. They get all
the code (either with eclipse or with an external tool), and then they want
to compile. Without some form of project interchange mechanism (and
ant scripts for the moment), they need to go and manually setup their
dependencies, etc.

Or am I missing something?

  Nick Lothian

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