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[eclipse-dev] Question about Sun libraries and JDK...

Hi all,

I'm a brand new subscriber to this list so you'll have to frogive me if the following question is naive'. I am downloading all the Eclipse docs I can to try and figure this out, but sometimes the easiest way to deal with these things is just to ask...

So I'm running the workbench against a Java 3d system that I created by hand. I added the files of this system to a new Eclipse project and tried to compile but Eclipse trips over all of the javax, media and j3d packages that are imported.

I've tried modifying the JRE path in Preferences to look at the JDK but this doesn't seem to really do much of anything. Adding additional libraries has some hope but including more libraries (JAR files) doesn't seem to do anything, and I often get an internal Eclipse error when I mess with these preferences.

So really the overall question is... how in the world do you clue Eclipse in to Java packages other than those it already knows about? Java 3d is one of these as are some other specialized research systems. In Forte or Netbeans I might just mount a JAR file or file system... in Eclipse I'm not really getting it.

-- John

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