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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Integration Build - Pre Milestone 4

Hello Everyone,

We are in the process of posting the Integration build I-20020319-200203191011 to  The file transfer should be complete in about ten minutes.

This build is a candidate for declaring a stable build for Milestone 4.  The build will undergo testing by many Eclipse commiters for the remainder of Tuesday and all of Wednesday.  The extent of any errors found will determine if fixes need to be incorporated before the build can be declared Stable and that Milestone 4 has been achieved.  We encourage anybody that is interested to download and test this build.  As always please log any defects in Bugzilla at

There is currently a known VCM/Core defect that shows up in automated tests but that you are not likely to see in practice.  Due to time stamp granularity on some systems it could be that when a project is imported from the repository Eclipse may not read the project natures correctly.  Since this bug is unlikely to occur in normal use we do not believe it precludes useful testing over the next day and a half.  


Dean Roberts

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