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As of the M4 milestone build (20020318-I), the platform name for the GTK1.2 version
of Eclipse has been changed to "gtk1x". This has been done in
preparation for the release of the new GTK2 version of Eclipse which
will be called "gtk".

What you should do:

In order to run the M4 (or any subsequent) builds of Eclipse on GTK, you
should remove the "-ws gtk"argument from whatever scripts you use to run
Eclipse. The launcher has been coded to properly detect which version of
  Eclipse you have and use the appropriate window system.

Note for power users:

If you have a custom install where you have both the Motif and GTK
versions of SWT available, you will still get the Motif version by
default. In this case you can force GTK to be loaded by adding "-ws gtk1x".


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