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RE: [eclipse-dev] I Do not succeed in running Eclipse on Linux Red Hat 7.1

It took me a little longer then expected to come back to you.
I misinformed you in an earlier communication.  I tried to run it on RedHat
6.1.  But now I have installed it on RedHat 7.1  However it still doesnt
The java version is jdk1.3.1
I have installed eclipse in /usr/eclipse and have added it to my PATH.
I go into Gnome and open a terminal window.  Next I invoke eclipse.  I get
"eclipse: error while loading shared libraries: eclipse: undefined symbol:

Is it correct to believe that eclipse on Linux requires Motif ?
And that a Motif clone (eg LessTif) can do the job if one doesnt have a
Motif license ?
I am currently investigating how to install LessTif.  Any advice very
Many thanks, Wout Perquin

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What version of Java do you have installed?



Wout Perquin wrote:

> Hi thanks.
> I tried to run that file but it didnt want to run.

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