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[eclipse-dev] A revised 2.0 plan has been posted to

The Eclipse SDK user community has told us that they want to see additional
improvements in
certain areas, and that an early release that did not address their needs
would be less interesting,
and would only delay the availability of the follow-on release that did
address their concerns. We therefore
extended the development schedule to include a number of new committed
items, many of which were
previously known but on the uncommitted list.

In addition, we deleted a few uncommitted items that we  know will not be
done in the Eclipse Project 2.0
release, and revised several items to more accurately describe what we will
be doing. We added 3 more
milestones (M4, M5, M6), and are now targeting May 2002 for the Eclipse
Project 2.0 release, rather than April.

The revised plan has been posted to Please send your comments
to the eclipse-dev
mailing list.

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