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RE: [eclipse-dev] RE: Syntax Templates


I don't understand what hierarchy you're trying to show in the tree viewers. The only 'hierarchical' structure
is the context-template relationship as far as I can see it. I don't know about the TreeContentProvider, but
why not just use two instances. You're not saving anything by sharing an instance.

Also, bear in mind that templates are not API (yet) and are subject to change. This includes the file
format as well. Of course you're free to send us patches for presenting templates in a different way
than we do right now. If it proves useful, we will integrate into jdt.ui. Alternatively, you can enter a
feature request, and we might do the work for you ;-).

-- Claude

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10.02.2002 16:48
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Are there any issues involved if you are using the same TreeContentProvider
instance for two different TreeViewers.???

I am trying to develop a 'Syntax Template' screen(Similar to an Windows
explorer screen), where the templates are categorized in to groups.
The template categories are shown in a tree structure on the left side, and
when the user clicks on a node, the sub tree structure is shown on the right
As you can see the functionality of the TreeContentProvider is the same for
both the trees.So I was hoping to use the same TreeContentProvider( the same
instance ) for both the trees.(I have already worked the code, but I want to
know whether there are any issues involved wrt performance/others.. )

Any suggestions??

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