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Re: [eclipse-dev] CVS/SSH

You have to set up RSA/DSA authentication such that ssh does NOT ask you 
for a password. Eclipse doesn't provide a facility for prompting for this 

Instructions on how to do this should be included with your SSH client.


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02/10/2002 07:48 AM
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Hi everybody,

I am not quite sure if this is the right list to ask, but I have a
serious problem using CVS/SSH with an server who has upgraded to OpenSSH
I have installed OpenSSH 3.x as well and connecting via the command line
is working. CVS via command line is working as well
I have tried ext and extssh.

ext: I can see in the task manager, that the process ssh is started, but
then nothing else happens and eclipse freezes. Might that be that ssh is
asking for an password, but I don't get an command prompt or input box?

extssh: I get the error message "Unexpected end of stream." Don't know

Can anyone help me or tell me, where I can ask this?

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