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Re: [eclipse-dev] CVS and IBM WebSphere Application Developer (eclipse)


If this is a WSAD specific problem, try the WSAD newsgroup at news://  Do you experience the same symptoms with the eclipse or WSWB 1.0 drivers?

John Kellerman
Product Manager, WebSphere Studio Workbench
OTI - Research Triangle Park, NC

"Carmody, Edward" <Edward.Carmody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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01/20/2002 03:02 PM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] CVS and IBM WebSphere Application Developer (eclipse)


I am attempting to hook the WSAD on a Win2K machine to CVS and am having no luck.  I have tried a CVS repos on UNIX and NT but can not get them to talk.  I get an illegal write on instruction when the tool attempts to connect.

I am just looking for any information on where to look for information on this type of problem.


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