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[eclipse-dev] [platform-help-dev] Dropping R1.0 contribution support from help

FYI.. If you don't read the platform-help-dev mailing list and are
developing help plugins please read the following

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                    platform-help-dev-admin@e       Subject:     [platform-help-dev] Dropping R1.0 contribution    
                    12/06/2001 12:55 PM                                                                            
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Just a heads up that we are planning to drop support of the R1.0
documentation contribution formats as of next Tuesday integration build
(12/11) or shortly after. Any documents that are contributed using the
R1.0 mechanisms will not be displayed after this point. The documentation
provided with Eclipse will work (has been converted). See the help
development resources page for more detail/ conversion guide

Please SCREAM (post to this mailing list) if you do not want this to
platform-help-dev mailing list

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