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Re: [eclipse-dev] Comment on Eclipse Project 2.0 DRAFT plan: Workspace compatibility

This is an accurate observation.  We will revise the plan to make this 
more clear.
There are two areas where upgrading cannot be transparent:
1. "eclipse" project plugins that had provisional API in 1.0.  Metadata in 
these plugins will likely 
not be compatible with 2.0. 
2. all non-"eclipse" project plugins will need to handle this problem. 
(The platform cannot upgrade
metadata in a general purpose way).

The guidelines requested below are not available, but it is a good idea.

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12/08/2001 02:19 PM
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Hi, is the following statement only viable for "eclipse" project plugins 
expect that what was meant, just for clarity). There are many plugins out
there which make use/create metadata in the workspace. Are (there/will
there be) guidelines on how to make use of metadata in the workspace in
order to have a successful upgrade to a 2.0 workspace as described.? If 
you may want to add a disclaimer as people may expect eclipse to be
handling most of their migration issues.

Workspace Compatibility: Eclipse 2.0 will be upwards workspace-compatible
with Eclipse 1.0 unless noted. This means that workspaces and projects
created with Eclipse 1.0 can be successfully opened by Eclipse 2.0 and
upgraded to a 2.0 workspace. Downward workspace compatibility is not
supported. A workspace created (or opened) by Eclipse 2.0 will be unusable
with an earlier version of Eclipse.

Peter Manahan
WSAD Linux Port Team
VisualAge for Java Release Lead

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