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Re: [ecf-dev] (no subject)

Hi Maciej,

 On 3/19/2019 2:50 PM, cojack@xxxxx wrote:

I am using ECF with Zookeper as a provider. Unfortunately from time to time I got: Container not connected 

I looked around and found that the ZK ECF provider bases on ZK version 3.3.3. According to [1] this is quite old version. I have found an attempt to upgrade it to the newest version [2] done by Wim Jongman but somehow it is not released.

On this enhancement request [A] there is some discussion about the reason this was not released.

> Is ZK upgrade planned for the future or development of this ECF provider won't be continued? Any help would be appreciated. 

I would very much like an upgrade to the zookeeper version for the ECF Zookeeper discovery provider.    As you say though, Wim and co are the authors of the provider and at the moment are the only ones capable of implementing the change from ZK 3.3.0 forward.



Best regards,

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