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Re: [ecf-dev] NullpointerException in RemoteServiceAdmin

On 9/28/2018 4:03 AM, Peter Hermsdorf wrote:

Hi Scott,

thanks (again) for fixing the issue with the serialization. I finally could upgrade to ECF 3.14.1 with the additional bundles from the snapshot build with the 3 bug fixes. I haven't observed any additional issues - nor the test suite.

Just one more thing: when building the product i stumbled across the following error: 2.5.0.v20180409-2248 depends on: org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.asyncproxy [2.1.0.v20180409-2248]

Maybe it would be possible to define that dependency as optional as addition to bug .

I'm not sure.  I don't immediately know how we would have the feature optionally include the 2.1 and 1.1 bundles.   One or the other are required, based upon the dependencies as Peter points out.   Mat:  do you know how to do that?

Feel free to open a releng bug for this...we will try to address it, but I'm not sure how.

BTW:   I've been contemplating releasing 3.14.3 and with this most recent bug fix it seems time to do so.  Any comments?


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