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[ecf-dev] target platform for Photon, ECF support of OSGi R7 RS

Hi Folks,

Some context:  ECF is currently using Neon as our target platform.    The eventual question below is:  Should this be changed to use/require Oxygen for ECF Photon?

Why would this be useful for ECF RS consumers?   Well, as you probably know in R6 ECF has a spec-compliant impl of OSGi Remote Services (chap 100) and Remote Service Admin (chap 122).

For R7 (which is just being finalized now...they are at final draft form of R7 spec), some new use of intents has been added in the Remote Services spec for supporting async services.   What this means for us is that if we want to support R7 [1], we have to include a reference to the org.osgi.promise.Promise class...present in Oxygen, but does not seem to be in Neon (I'm trying to determine when it was introduced in Equinox).

This only affects ECF RS/RSA...i.e. ECF filetransfer will still support back to Neon.

Would anyone have objections to moving the ECF build target to oxygen...rather than neon?   I already have an in the project and have been using it myself locally.

If we move to Oxygen as target this will mean that ECF RS will require at least R6 for OSGi (Equinox or Felix).  Actually ECF RS can support older versions of OSGi framework, but it will require some additional work (using an older version of one bundle).

I'm inclined to move to Oxygen for our Photon release.  Please speak soon if this creates problems.



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