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[ecf-dev] RSA console commands

Hi Folks,

I've completed an initial cut of adding gogo console commands to control ECF's Remote Service Admin implementation [1].   This allows console examination of exported/imported services, as well as the ability to actually export and import remote services via the console.

See this wiki page for documentation [2] and here [3] for the current snapshot of master.

This will be in ECF 3.14.0/Photon which will be complete in about 1 month.  Any testing/comments/suggestions appreciated.

Ffor everyone's info:  For 3.14.0 the basic topology manager included with RSA will require use of declarative services (ds), as will the timeservice examples.   It will still be possible to run RSA w/o declarative services, but will require some additional work (e.g. own topology manager impl).  Also, I've adjusted the startup behavior of RSA so that all deps get started in the proper order (even though lazy) when RSA gets started.    It will no longer be necessary to be concerned with bundle start order on either lazy (Eclipse, Kura) or non-lazy (Karaf, felix) OSGi environments.

This will make it possible to create some bndtools projects that can easily use ECF RSA for bndtools projects.  It's my intention to create a couple of example bndtools rs projects that use ECF RSA.





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