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[ecf-dev] ECF Progress

Hi Folks,

Although I haven't been very visible recently, there has actually been quite a lot of work done on ECF.

For example, many of the projects hosted at our github site [1] have been moved to using Maven+Tycho to build. These projects are also being built automatically upon checkin via travis via the free-for-OS-projects github -> travis integration. I've also started using the github release mechanism to release directly from the github project...e.g. [2].

These projects have all had the Maven/Tycho changeover, and in most cases have had a significant upgrade functionally and dependencies:

Py4j-RemoteServicesProvider:ÂÂ Java<->Python remote services distribution provider.

ROSGI-Websockets-Provider:ÂÂ Allows websockets to be used for the ROSGi distribution provider transport

RaspberryPI:ÂÂ Raspberry PI GPIO via OSGi Remote Services

ServiceRegistry: A Java-only (no OSGi Bundle Layer) of the OSGi Service Registry based upon Apache Connect  Adds on ECF's remote services implementation for Java-only remote services.

OSGIRemoteServiceAdmin:ÂÂ A new, more flexible implementation of the OSGi Topology Manage

kryo-serialization:Â A distribution provider based upon Kryo serialization (a serialization library...alternative for java object serialization).

JGroups:ÂÂ A distribution provider based upon JavaGroups (www.jgroups.org).

HazelcastProvider:ÂÂ A distribution provider based upon Hazelcast (hazelcast.org)

XmlRpcProvider:Â A distribution provider based upon XML-RPC

JaxRSProviders:Â A distribution provider based upon Jersey implementation of the JaxRS spec

etcd-provider:ÂÂ A discovery provider based upon the Google etcd-discovery protocol (used in Kubernetes)

Py4j-OSGi:ÂÂ A bundlized version of the Py4j library

OSGIRemoteManagement:ÂÂ A large number of APIs and implementations...all as separate bundles...for remotely managing an OSGi framework and/or existing frameworks (e.g. p2).ÂÂ See here for more information [3]

Mqtt-Provider:Â A distribution provider based upon MQTT (paho library)

JMS:Â A distribution provider based upon Apache ActiveMQ implementation of the Java Messaging Service (JMS)


[1] https://github.com/ECF

[2] https://github.com/ECF/Py4j-RemoteServicesProvider/releases

[3] https://www.eclipse.org/ecf/NewAndNoteworthy.html