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3.14.0 Release

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Support for OSGi Remote Services R7

ECF provides implementations of the Remote Services and Remote Service Admin OSGi specifications. OSGi R7 includes some additions to the Remote Services specification, specifically focusing on the use of remote service intents. ECF Photon fully supports the R7 specification, and implements the OSGi standard intents via several of the ECF distribution providers.

For more information about the use of service intents see ECF Photon supports OSGi Async Intent and ECF Photon supports OSGi R7

Support for using Bndtools for Remote Services Development

Bndtools is a set of Eclipse plugins that aid the development, testing, and deployment of OSGi bundles. ECF's Photon release has added workspace, project, and bndrun templates to help the remote service developer define, implement, and test OSGi Remote Services.

See here for a short tutorial on how to use bndtools and the new templates.

OSGi Gogo Commands for RSA

ECF Photon has added a set of console commands for exposing the use and management of remote services in server environments. For example, with these new commands it's possible to export or import a local OSGi service via ECF's implementation of the OSGi-standard RemoteServiceAdmin service. It's also possible to query/view the existing imported and exported services, as well as the ECF endpoint.

See ECF Photon adds Gogo Commands for a list of the new commands, their expected/required arguments and example of their output.

Etcd Discovery Provider

ECF has an extensible/pluggable approach for discovering remote services on a network. There are several discovery providers available including JSLP, Zeroconf, Zookeeper, and Etcd. ECF now has an etcd discovery provider that use an etcd cluster to publish and discover remote services.

Python.Java Remote Service Distribution Provider

ECF now has remote service distribution provider that supports remote services between Java and Python runtimes. This provider allow OSGi R7 remote services (including async remote services) between Java/OSGi runtimes and Python runtimes. Services may be exported for consumption/usage by Python components, or exported from Python for consumption/usage by Java components.

There is a provider based upon call-by-reference (via Py4j) and a provider based upon call-by-value using Google's protocol buffers for efficient serialization/deserialization

Additionally, the Python Ipopo project will be soon (0.8.0) introducing an implementation of the OSGi RSA (Remote Service Admin) capabilities.