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[ecf-dev] etcd discovery for remote services

Hi Folks,

As I've mentioned previously, there is an etcd-based discovery provider available at our github repo [1].

Today I've been doing some more testing of this provider, and can now verify it works for publishing and discovering OSGi Remote Services via RSA. I've added product configurations for both the TimeServiceHost and TimeServiceConsumer. Both of these use the etcd at disco.ecf-project.org site (which is still running fine!).

One thing to note: with this etcd provider, ECF's RSA implementation fits in very nicely with Kubernetes [2], as Kubernetes uses an etcd server to manage a cluster of containers, and so with this provider no separate etcd discovery server would be needed.


[1] https://github.com/ECF/etcd-provider
[2] http://kubernetes.io/