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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF project and Tycho

On 09.11.2014 19:18, Scott Lewis wrote:
> Yes.   Given that we already have our own website, builder, and test 
> infrastructure, I don't see any advantages of creating/using a HIPP 
> instance.  And there are a lot of associated hassles if we were to do so 
> (restrictions or complexity of distribution of non-EPL components, OSGi 
> CT usage/testing, our support for other target platforms...e.g. Karaf, etc).
> +1 for using existing builder/build infrastructure.

Hi Wim,

not sure if this is what you are planning, but I wasn't suggesting that
you re-use the current Jenkins setup for the new Tycho based build.

The EF requirements are that the build isn't publicly accessible (only
authenticated users are allowed to have access to the Jenkins instance).
Additionally, you will have to follow through with the EF to get
clearance for the OSGi CTs.