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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF project and Tycho

Hi Mat,

On 11/6/2014 4:10 AM, Mat Booth wrote:
<stuff deleted>
I would be happy to join the project as a committer.

That's wonderful! Thanks for your commitment. The committer addition process will take a little time for the following reasons:

1) In order for the existing committers to vote for you as an ECF commiter, it will be necessary for us to get a little bit more familiar with your work, background, and interests WRT ECF. There are multiple ways to handle this, and we can work with you to figure out what those ways are (e.g. perhaps working directly with Wim and/or Markus on Tycho, perhaps contributing in other ways to ECF, etc). Let's figure out what will work for you, Wim and Markus. Also: are you already a committer on some other EF project? If so that will likely help somewhat particularly with the EF committer requirements.

2) If you are not already a committer on some other project, you may have to work out some mechanics with Red Hat (your employer I assume). Here is the EF 'Becoming a Committer' page, in case you are not already familiar with it: http://www.eclipse.org/membership/become_a_member/committer.php

Another option (btw) is that you/Red Hat provide support for existing ECF
committers. Again, this would make it much more reasonable for us to justify
the committer time required to work on a Tycho-based build. Particularly
given our involvement with OSGi EEG/Standards (R6 RS/RSA CT-compliant impl),
as well as IoT (e.g. Wim's talk) this might be appealing to multiple parts
of Red Hat. I'll leave with you, Aleksandar, to consider and/or propose
something to Red Hat. Please let me know if you want more info, or to

Wim and all: As project lead, my own requirements for any Tycho efforts by
ECF committers are the following:

1) The existing build must not be destabilized or broken at any point
Of course. As mentioned in another mail, the risk of introducing Tycho is very low and we can iterate on the implementation until the build outputs are identical before switching over.

Yes, that's great. I would suggest working off at least one branch. You can/should coordinate this with Wim Jongman and/or Markus Kuppe.

<stuff deleted>

3) When/If the transition is done, some ECF committer(s) (you, Markus, Matt,
multiple people, etc), be identified and resourced to maintain a Tycho-based

I can't speak for others, but if I were a committer on the project then certainly I could justifiably commit a portion of my time to the ongoing maintenance of the Tycho build.

Great, thanks. Let's start a dialog about this among at least myself, you, Wim, and Markus K. My desire here is to find a steady state (after the transition) that provides for the necessary maintenance resources...hopefully spread among >= 2 ECF committers (as we've been doing with ECF releng for some time).

Thanksinadvance for your commitment.