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[ecf-dev] exporting a service via DS with current hostname


currently I'm exporting a remote service with a DS configuration like this:

ÂÂ <property name="service.exported.interfaces" type="String" value="*"/>
ÂÂ <property name="service.exported.configs" type="String" value="ecf.generic.server"/>
ÂÂ <property name="ecf.generic.server.id" type="String" value="ecftcp://localhost:8889/server"/>

which works when the clients running on the same machine and also use localhost to connect to the service.

the obvious problem: clients connecting from different machines cannot connect to that service because they use the real hostname of the server to connect (eg. ecftcp://myhost.com:8889/server)

When removing the ecf.generic.server.id line from the xml, the service does not seems to get exported at all, probably because it's not defined how.

This problem probably is adressed by the property org.eclipse.ecf.provider.generic.host.useHostName which defaults to true, but does not seems to get used because i defined the ecf.generic.server.id including localhost as hostname.

So the question is: how to trigger the generic server export without hard coding the hostname?

Best Regards,