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[ecf-dev] Gsoc Project (Tooling Support for OSGI Remote Services) - final functionality

Hi Folks,

According to the Google Summer of code time line this program suppose to end by this week so i suggested to just finish up with documentation and last minor fixes the rest of the time.

I am very pleased to announce that we manage to implement 4 descent templates for the user to understand the process of creating the remote services and register them with different service providers.

to give you a quick overview, now its possible to
The code is currently on my private github page[1].

also still its possible to add more templates for this project. and possible next steps of this project would be adding more templates(possibly a raspberry pie template) and start working on the end point descriptor. this steps would be started right after the end of the Google summer of code program.

As I will still continue to work on this project after Google Summer of Code feel free to voice feedback and wishes or ideas here.

[1]. https://github.com/Sakith/GsocTooling


Best Regards,

Sakith Indula,
Depatrment of Computing and Information Systems,
Sabaragamuwa University Of Sri Lanka.