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[ecf-dev] Update on OSGi RSA work and ECF 3.9

Hi Folks,

Some of you are aware that ECF's impl of OSGi Remote Services/Remote Service Admin is under consideration by the OSGi EEG (Enterprise Experts Group) to become the reference implementation. This is a quick update about the relevant things that are happening in the OSGi EEG from the meeting today.

1) Although the RS/RSA chapters (100 and 122) of the enterprise specification specification are basically done, it's going to be some time (months) before the other non-RSA 1.1 parts of the Enterprise spec are completed (e.g. update to HttpService, DS changes/improvements, new Async Services, etc). Given this , ECF 3.9 is going to be released before the enterprise specification is fully released by OSGi, and before the RI selection is complete.

1) Today I updated the OSGi CT (compatibility test suite) to the latest version from the OSGi repository. The CT had some additions, bug fixes, and improvements since the earlier version I/we've been using. Great news: ECF's RS/RSA 1.1 implementation is passing the latest CT.

2) Thomas Watson (Equinox project lead) and I have decided it will be best if ECF submits it's own CQ's for use/redistribution of the OSGi RSA 1.1 companion code, rather than piggy-backing on the Equinox CQ for the entire companion suite as we have been doing. This way we will not have to depend upon Thomas' whole-compendium code update, but rather I can update the RSA packages only, since that's all that ECF needs. Here is that new CQ [2].

Given the above, without objection from committers or community I think that we will try to release ECF 3.9 fairly quickly...e.g. on Aug 11. Please let me know if you have any concerns or comments about this timing. There is one issue with RSA 1.1 and Zookeeper discovery that I would like to address prior to release...Wim I will contact you directly about this once I do a little more investigation to try to understand what's going on.



[2] http://dev.eclipse.org/ipzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=8527