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Re: [ecf-dev] Why does the httpclient4 feature require source bundles?

Hi Scott,

I have a hard time understanding why any product needs to contain sources from Apache projects. If they were offered in a separate feature, yeah perhaps, but still, this is not Eclipse source and I don't see any other features including external sources.

- thomas

On 2014-06-27 18:26, Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Thomas,

On 6/27/2014 8:45 AM, Thomas Hallgren wrote:

I have some problems packaging a product that uses the p2.core feature. It includes the org.eclipse.ecf.filetransfer.httpclient4.feature which in turn includes both source and binary features for a group of org.apache bundles. Why does this feature include the source bundles?

I think that this was how David/Platform had to configure things with Tycho in order to get source bundles included for the SDK. See [1] for the coordination bug wrt feature refactoring.

You also might want to ask David Williams directly (or on cross-projects, whichever you are most comfortable with).


[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=409787

It's really problematic because I can't get rid of them unless I create a copy of the feature and then also create copy of the p2.core feature that includes it.

Thomas Hallgren

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