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[ecf-dev] Service setup for integration testing remote service


I'm setting up integration tests for my remote service with maven/tycho.

This was all in all surprisingly easy(at first) with tycho-surefire-plugin und defining a dependency to my server.feature which includes jetty and my remote service implementation:


Tests running fine, but after a little debugging i realized that the "remote service" is locally registered by equinox DS, because client and server bundles running i the same osgi environment. Even with ecf.distribution bundles auto started it does not seems to export the service as remote service.

On one hand this is fine, but for detecting eg. Serializable and other transport related problems it seems not the right way for integration tests.

Are there any ideas how to get that properly setup?

1) is there anything that can be done to get the service discovered/distributed via ECF even run in the same VM?

2) are there any example projects using maven/tycho-surefire and equinox DS for setting up an integration test environment? I haven't found anything like that in ecf tests ...
(that means, starting the server component and using that in a 'mvn test' run without registering servers / clients programmatically in the test bundle)

3) other options to do automatic integration testing?

While looking for a solution for this kind of problem, i stumbled across http://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF/RS_Test_Framework. Is there anything usable that could help setup integration tests?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,