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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF 3.8.1/Luna status

Hi Folks,

Since this post, I've done ECF's RC2 contribution (signed and all) so you can get the latest for install testing here:

p2 repo: http://download.eclipse.org/rt/ecf/3.8.1.rc2/site.p2
zip: http://download.eclipse.org/rt/ecf/3.8.1.rc2/org.eclipse.ecf.sdk_3.8.1.v20140528-0146.zip



On 5/27/2014 6:27 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Folks,

As far as I'm concerned, ECF 3.8.1/Luna is complete. A quick summary of what's happened and what's ahead:

1) Thanks to ECF committer Jan Rellermeyer, the rosgi provider has been updated to support Java8 [1]. Incidentally, if someone has an answer to my build/releng question in comment 25 [2], please answer on the bug.

2) I've made a number of small fixes/updates/simplifications to the feature meta-data.

3) I've removed most of the old contents of org.eclipse.ecf.doc (the Eclipse help docs that come with ECF), and replaced it with some docs and with pointers to the OSGi Remote Services documentation in the wiki [3].

4) Made a number of other small meta-data fixes.

According to me, the above means that ECF 3.8.1/Luna is pretty much complete, and so I'm personally moving on to focus on ECF's support for RSA 1.1 specification. Before discussing that work below, however, I want to request that people on this list do *some final install testing of the latest build of ECF, available in the p2 repo here [4]*. If you find problems with the installation or testing, please *open major bugs right away*.

What's Next:  RSA 1.1/OSGi R6

For the past four months, I and others have been working on supporting RSA 1.1/OSGi R6, previously known as RFC 203. This is an update/enhancement of the Remote Service Admin specification (1.0 -> 1.1). The work has been and will be done on a git branch named rfc1.1 [5]. The work is nearly done.

OSGi Reference Implementation

ECF is currently under evaluation for becoming the OSGi R6 RS/RSA reference implementation. What does the evaluation consist of? The technically most important thing is that ECF's impl passes the OSGi RS/RSA Compatibility Test suite (CT). This is a set of junit tests that verify that any RS/RSA impl is behaving as specified. We currently run the entire OSGi R5 CT suite on our Jenkins builder, upon every relevant checkin, to test for regression. When the R6 spec and CT are complete (that's not the case yet), we will setup our builder to run this test suite as well. So being able to pass the R6 CT tests is a big part of the driver for completing the work started on the rfc1.1 branch.

There are other, non-technical criteria for candidate RI implementations also. For example, using an acceptable open source license, having a clear understanding of the code provenance, having consistent builds, producing regular binary releases, making source code available, etc. Happily, as a mature open source project that participates in the EF annual simultaneous release (Luna this year), and having our own most excellent builder at [6], we easily satisfy these non-technical criteria as well without having to do extra/additional work.

To sum up:

1) Please install the latest build of ECF [4] and immediately open new bugs if problems are found
2) Over next few weeks, I'm moving to complete support for RSA 1.1, by completing work on the rfc1.1 branch and then when Luna quiet week arrives (week of June 16 [7])...merging rfc1.1 branch into master...for ECF 3.9 (RSA 1.1 support essentially).
3) If you are able/interested in getting involved in the work on RSA 1.1 and/or the reference impl evaluation please let me know. I would like to have assistance in performing this work...and the associated testing and releng/builder additions/changes.

Thanks!   It's going to be a very exciting summer and fall for ECF!


[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=430752
[2] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=430752#c25
[3] http://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF
[4] http://build.ecf-project.org/repo/C-HEAD-filetransfer.p2.feature/lastSuccessful/
[5] http://git.eclipse.org/c/ecf/org.eclipse.ecf.git?h=rfc1.1
[6] https://build.ecf-project.org/jenkins/
[7] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Luna/Simultaneous_Release_Plan
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