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[ecf-dev] Luna final call

Hi Folks,

Tomorrow (Wed, June 4) is the platform M4, which is the final planned build of the platform for Luna. There will only be additional builds if a 'stop-ship' bug is identified in the platform...and if history is any guide, this is not likely.

Last week, ECF made a M4 build contribution [1], and since we have not had any bugs reported since then, I am *not* planning on updating ECF for M4 (due Wed afternoon pacific time). What this means is that ECF's 3.8.1 Luna release will be the build from [1].

If you do any further testing against [1] before Wed noon pacific time, and find a major problem...although pretty much have to be 'stop-ship' level though...then I will do an M4 build/contribution tomorrow/Wed. Otherwise, ECF 3.8.1/Luna will be from what's currently [1].



[1] http://download.eclipse.org/rt/ecf/3.8.1/site.p2