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Re: [ecf-dev] update to httpcomponents version for ECF filetransfer

On 8/28/2013 11:07 PM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 08/28/2013 10:10 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
3) Contribute our ECF 3.7.x for Kepler *Feb* maintenance release. We
will need to ask for an exception to do this, but given the limited
changes (most additions) and plenty of time I don't expect it would be a
problem.  Also...we could very well have 3.7.x maintenance releases (or
perhaps even another minor release) before Feb maintenance.
Hi Scott,

we have to discuss what build target we chose for our Feb Kepler (SR2)
contribution. Naturally it should be Kepler, though if ECF release 3.7.x
-1 has been build against Luna M2, it will (probably) cause havoc to
build the successor against Kepler.

What are the reasons to contribute to Kepler SR2 in the first place?

1) Update to httpcomponents
2) Our bug fixes since Kepler (to remote services, etc)
3) We don't have/use a separate maintenance branch

Of course it's not required that we contribute to Kepler we could just not do it. Just like with SR1, we could contribute exactly what was used for Kepler release.

WRT build against both Luna and Kepler...why would you expect it to cause havoc?


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