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Re: [ecf-dev] update to httpcomponents version for ECF filetransfer

<stuff deleted>

If no, you simply need to change the current ecf.rmap to refer to the newer Orbit p2 repo.

Ok...for everyone's reference, I've done this by adding

  <rm:searchPath name="default">
<rm:provider componentTypes="osgi.bundle" readerType="p2" source="false" mutable="false">
      <rm:property key="buckminster.source" value="false"/>
      <rm:property key="buckminster.mutable" value="false"/>
<rm:uri format=""/>

to the beginning of the 'default' search path in ecf.rmap. This worked ok, as this build:

Uses 4.2.4/4.2.5 and codec 1.6...which is required for 4.2.X.

Thanks Markus...I'll also update the bug so p2 folks can begin regression testing for Luna m2.


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