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Re: [ecf-dev] Kepler Repo misses some source bundles

Hi Cristiano,

On 6/3/2013 3:15 PM, Cristiano Gavião wrote:
<stuff deleted>

I'll investigate a bit more the bundle contents to try to identify the problem.

Ok. Since the repos we build don't have any problems with sources (that I can detect), and I don't know Tycho well enough to tell what's going wrong with your build of our features, in order to make fixes/changes we will need some more info about what is going wrong.

One thing I the line below:

<labelSuffix> (source)</labelSuffix>

there is a single space between '<labelSuffix>' and '(source)</labelSuffix>'. Any chance that could be causing a problem? seems that the plugins listed in '<excludes>' section are the ones that are missing/not using/creating that right?



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