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[ecf-dev] ECF conference all/ECF 3.6 plan

Hi Folks,

We had a short conference call this morning as scheduled in the wiki [1]. Coming out of the meeting, here's the updated 3.6 project plan [2].

We agreed to stick with this date as the 3.6 release date:

Release:  Monday, March 4, 2013
Code Freeze (no more commits):  Monday, Feb 25, 2013

One change: I've started some work on some tooling for helping people create OSGi remote services. Specifically, see this bug [3]. I've made an initial code addition and would very much appreciate some people trying it out (in eclipse...with ECF remote services installed)...and if you wish, please consider adding to it (e.g. other/more PDE templates...or generalizing/parameterizing the ones that are there).

If you are listed on the plan page [2] and this is wrong (i.e. you aren't able to do what's listed in the given timeframe), OR a contribution that you are able/willing to make is not listed on that page, please let me know.




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