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[ecf-dev] L-HEAD-sdk.tests.feature failing in builder

Hi Folks,

The L-HEAD-sdk.tests.feature project is failing to run successfully on our builder:

Here's the apparently relevant part of the build output

INFO: Retrying request
Operation completed in 154067 ms.
+ /opt/hudson/tools/Buckminster_3.6/director/director -r,,,file:///opt/hudson/repo/N-HEAD-sdk.feature,file:///opt/hudson/jobs/L-HEAD-sdk.tests.feature/workspace/site.p2 -d /opt/hudson/jobs/L-HEAD-sdk.tests.feature/workspace/tests/ -i, -vmargs -Declipse.p2.mirrors=true
Installation failed.
The installable unit has not been found.
Application failed, log file location: /opt/hudson/tools/Buckminster/Buckminster_3.6/director/configuration/1358753575011.log

Build step 'Use builders from another project' marked build as failure
Archiving artifacts
Recording fingerprints
Recording test results
Sending e-mails to: ecf-build@xxxxxxxxxxx
Finished: FAILURE

Does this look recognizable to anyone?  I don't think my shell account on that
machine allows me to consult the buckminster log...unless there is some way to
consult from within Jenkins (?)



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