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[ecf-dev] Auctioning off Sequoyah project code to the highest bidder...

The Sequoyah project is in the process of assembling the materials required for a termination review. I'm tracking the termination with Bug 388465 [1].

I understand that there has been some discussion in the past about moving some code out of Sequoyah and into ECF (VNC?). Does the ECF project have any interest in taking responsibility for this or any other code from the project?

I don't know if any development resources will come with the code; keep this in mind as you make your decision.

Our plan is to move on the termination in September. If you need more time to make a decision, please just ask. Once we have most of the pieces in place, the actual review and follow-up archival of project resources can be delayed for a while if necessary.



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The Eclipse Foundation
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