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[ecf-dev] Exposing an osgi service as remote service vi ecf.rest.client provider

Hi All,
I want to use ecf.rest.client provider for transport communication.

I was able to convert an osgi service as a restlet and expose it as an osgi remote service using http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/restlet-integration-with-equinox/ project.
I do not explicitly set  "service.exported.interfaces" and "service.exported.configs" properties.Is there any need to set these as it is described in the iwiki.?
With the ECF api i was able to create a remote call and then take the result back.

I exected that remote service be transparent or what i mean is :  be able to see it in the client osgi environment as thought it is local service.

I also expected when running the host osgi with the bundle containng the exposed remote service to see 2 instances of that service as it is for r-osgi.

I will be very grateful for any comments for any of my questions.

Thanks in advance