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Re: [ecf-dev] Consuming a CXF/DOSGi based Service with ECF Client?


On 6/24/2011 4:20 AM, Marcus Engelhardt wrote:
Hi guys,

many thanks for all those helpful replies on my request.
I already thought about running CXF/DOSGi and ECF in one OSGi environment. Since this is the Apache Felix container on the "server side" in my case, I could try to run ECF in Felix (I heard about this project to achive this: https://github.com/ECF/ECF4Felix) and try to publish the service in parallel on Apache Zookeeper via the ECF discovery implementation. Then the ECF based consumer running in Eclipse Equinox should have no problems discovering and using the service that resides in Apache Felix. Maybe this is the easiest way to reach my goal.

Just to bring the other idea to an end: Ahmed wrote:

"You don't need to. If you still want only to bridge with ECF Discovery allowing service published by CXF/DOSGi to get discovered by ECF, then I think you should publish all (to expose) services by explicitly registering them via ECF Discovery (in this case, have a look in page linked by Â[1] on how to do it) . "

The best solution for me would be one without the need to modify or add/install anything on the "server side" (Apache Felix, existing service exported by CXF/DOSGI over SOAP/HTTP). If l would be able to modify the ECF discovery to find a CXF/DOSGI exported service, do I have to expect any other issues concerning the communication between the service exported by CXF/DOSGI over SOAP/HTTP and the ECF consumer using r-osgi?

Yes, I would expect so...as I think it's very unlikely that the wire protocol for CXF and r-osgi are exactly the same.

But with ECF's provider architecture, I expect it would be straightforward to create a client-side remote services provider that talked the CXF protocol...as I imagine the CXF code could easily be reused to create such an ECF provider. I say 'imagine' only because I don't know enough about CXF's implementation to say how easily it could be reused. It's not particularly challenging to create an ECF provider, however.