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[ecf-dev] ECF conference call notes

Hi Folks,

There was a brief ECF conference call earlier today [1]

Agenda Items

1) ECF 3.5.2 - I (Scott) am going to suggest that we schedule another maintenance release of ECF...i.e. ECF 3.5.2. Since we completed and did final build of ECF 3.5.1 (about 2 weeks ago), a number of bugs have already been reported and fixed...and I think it would be useful for consumers to get these fixes as quickly as is reasonable.

None of the reported bugs are critical, so I think it does make sense to wait for at least another month (since Indigo...which also has ECF 3.5.1...isn't even *released* yet)...also because that will also give some further time for people to report bugs (after Indigo) and for us to address them...and so I suggest that we target ECF 3.5.2 for release sometime in August.

Any thoughts/comments...about ECF 3.5.2 and someday/time for August release?




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