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[ecf-dev] ECF Conference call notes

Hi Folks,

The ECF conference call notes for today are here [1].

The main item is that ECF's 3.5.1 maintenance release will be on May 19th (next Thursday). The reason for this is that May 19th is the last day that we can get a new version of the ECF core and filetransfer plugins in to Equinox/Eclipse for Indigo release...and it would/will be much better for everyone if Eclipse uses the ECF 3.5.1 version of the core and filetransfer bundles.

We will also use ECF 3.5.1 for the ECF contribution to the Indigo simultaneous release.

Please note that for 3.5.1 release is bug fixes only, so please wait until after the 3.5.1 release to push new contributions or new features to git.

If you have any pending bug fixes, or unreported issues you know about, please let everyone know right away.

If anyone has any issues with May 19/3.5.1 as described, please say so here.




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