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[ecf-dev] ECF 3.5.1 and no conference call today (4/4/2011)

Hi Folks,

No conference call today (4/4/2011), as I can't make it.

In lieu of a call, however, I want to bring up for mailing list discussion the following: when to have the next *maintenance*/bug fix release of ECF (3.5.1)?

It seems unlikely to me that we will be able to do a *minor* release (3.6) for Indigo...as resources are too low...minor releases require release review, ip log review, etc., etc. However, I think that one or more *maintenance* releases (3.5.1) would be useful as there already have been some bugs found/fixed.

I propose that we have a maintenance release (3.5.1) sometime between now and Indigo release day (~June 28). The question is when? With our wonderful builder, maintenance releases can be done pretty easily and quickly...no review, etc. and so it's even possible that we would have more than one before Indigo. Opinions? Views? Thoughts?

My current inclination is to have a 3.5.1 release near the end of May.