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Re: [ecf-dev] Getting started with ECF

Hi Scott
thanks for the help getting started with ECF
i have followed the instruction and had encountered a problem
it seem that i am missing

how can i resolve this issue?



On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 9:45 PM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 3/31/2011 11:20 AM, ronen hamias wrote:
Hi all,
i am having trouble to get started with ecf in terms of setting my development envitoment correctly
iso far i had alot of problems and exceptions thrown when starting the platform
my guess i am missing dependencies or i didnt downlod the correct versions for:
my goal is to be able to learn ECF capabilities and in the future even contribute to the project
what is the correct profile/pre requisits for testing ECF?

The ECF download page [1] indicates that ECF 3.5 requires Eclipse Helios SDK (3.6.X) or Eclipse Indigo SDK (3.7.X).    You can get Eclipse Helios or Eclipse Indigo here [2].

what is the correct profile/pre requisits for developing ECF?

Same as above...i.e. Eclipse Helios or Eclipse Indigo....the SDK of whatever version is best...because it includes most of the relevant tooling, plus the Eclipse/Equinox source code (which can be useful).

In addition, since ECF now uses git for our repository [5], it's necessary to use *some* git retrieve and possibly change/add to the latest ECF source.  The eGit client is popular (because it runs in Eclipse) [6], but since it is not included in the Eclipse SDK you need to install it into Eclipse SDK yourself.  See [6] for the instructions for installing/using eGit.

You can also use other git clients if you wish (e.g. git command line clients, etc)...but of course if you do so you have to keep your local Eclipse workspace in sync with the local repo manually.

is there any step by step guide somewhere?

No...not one that includes installing Eclipse, eGit, etc.   If you want to produce one...once you've identified the steps that will help you...that would be a great contribution to ECF (i.e. by creating/adding a page to the ECF wiki [3]).

However....we do now have several pages describing the download/install/examples app usage for ECF's impl of OSGi remote services (which is one part of ECF...not all of it, but one significant part).  Those docs are here [4] (as indicated by Pierre's recent email also).

As of ECF 3.5, much of ECF can/could run on Felix (another OSGi framework impl), rather than only Equinox (which is an the OSGi framework impl that comes *with* Eclipse).  Actually, I believe ECF remote services development can/could probably be done by other IDEs/tooling (e.g. Idea...and/or Netbeans), but I haven't even tried this yet, so I can't explain the process for doing so.



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