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[ecf-dev] ECF project plan draft for 3.6/Indigo

Hi Folks,

Although it's not decided yet whether ECF will be able to participate in the Indigo simultaneous release [1], I've created/added a plan for ECF 3.6 (the likely release for Indigo/Summer 2011). Thanks to Wayne Beaton for helping out with the creation/editing. It's available here [2]. Please review and comment with a posting on this mailing list.

Better yet, if you have things to add and have committer access, please add them directly to the plan xml document and then bring up for discussion here (on this mailing list). The xml file for the plan is here:

root dir:  /cvsroot/org.eclipse
module:  www/ecf
file:  plans/ecf.plan.3.6.xml



[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Indigo/Simultaneous_Release_Plan
[2] http://www.eclipse.org/projects/project-plan.php?projectid=rt.ecf