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Re: [ecf-dev] New bug and bugs

Hi Martin,

On 12/6/2010 12:22 PM, Martin Petzold wrote:
Hi Scott,

thanks for everything. I've posted my use case to the osgi-dev mailinglist, if you are interested.

Yes, I also read osgi-dev, so I have seen your recent postings. Incidently, I suspect that you will find that scaling of the number of remote services will also be primarily limited by either memory resources and/or network resources (e.g. ports)...depending upon how you configure your use of remote services.

I'm student, so this is scientific work and I won't have a problem if it does not run perfect, it's mainly theory and architecture I'm addicted to.

I will try to find my way on my own first and ask then. I'll also try to file bugs and would like to do some documentation, hope I can find the time!

That would be much appreciated by me and the entire community.


P.S. It does work fine with ECF (jmdns, generic) at the moment, still try to get the eventing distributed.

As the author of the ECF impl of Distributed EventAdmin I would probably be the best person to ask about this specific part of ECF.

Incidently...I have previously done quite a lot of work with simulation, distributed simulation, multi-user virtual worlds, etc...and it sounds from your osgi-dev posts that this is part of what you are doing.


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