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[ecf-dev] remote services admin impl progress

Hi Folks,

The ECF project has started to implement the OSGi 4.2 remote services admin specification. This admin specification is part of the 4.2 enterprise experts group, and provides a standard API for interacting with OSGi remote services discovery and distribution. Note it's an extension to the basic remote services specification...which we/ECF already implement.

I have been working on an implementation of the RSA specification, and am nearing completion [1]. Like the ECF remote services impl, this RSA impl will be provider-independent, and so will therefore allow any ECF discovery and/or remote services provider to be used as a standards-compliant implementation.

This means that

1) people can use any of the existing discovery providers (dnssd, zeroconf, slp, zookeeper)...mixed and matched with various ECF remote services providers (r-osgi, ecf generic, jms, REST, xmpp) for developing, testing, and deploying their remote services. 2) that *new/custom* discovery and/or ECF remote services providers will automatically be compliant with the OSGi remote service and RSA standards. This promises to save ECF consumers a fair amount of work, as one well-tested impl of the RSA standard will be usable with any number of actual discovery and remote service implementations.

Please join the bug to express interest, or desire to help complete, test, or review the ECF RSA implementation.




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