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[ecf-dev] Starting the documentation project

Hi Folks,

I have started the ECF documentation project. I will file a bug for this later. 

I suggest we do it all wikiwiki and I have made a start to the project by setting up a proposed manual configuration.

Please see [1] for a rough idea about the setup of the document. Especially look at the first chapter, introduction. The rest is just empty content.

[[EUG:Who should use this guide|Who should use this guide]]<br>

The top link [[EUG:Introduction]] contains the linked in contents of the other chapters like this:

{{:EUG:Who should use this guide}}

which in turns allows us to do this:

{{:EUG:Chapter 2}}

for a printed document. 

Please look at the first chapter, introduction, to get an idea of the setup. If you like it I will do the same for the developers guide. Once we agree on the overall setup we can start filling in the content.




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