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[ecf-dev] Announcement: ECF 3.4 now available

I'm pleased to announce that ECF 3.4 is now available [1][2].

This is an outstanding release for the ECF community. It contains feature additions, API improvements/additions, as well as bug fixes, more examples and tests, robustness improvements, and other community-driven improvements.

But beyond the code, I would say that I'm very proud of the fact that ECF is truly community-driven. I would say we're an outstanding success among open-source projects...for being truly open and diverse, with a large, vibrant, innovative, vocal, and *contributing* community. Sadly this is not the case for all open source projects...especially these days...and I think our growth and maturity demonstrates the sustainability of the collaborative approach in tough times, and the long-term viability of this community's work.

My congratulations to the entire community on a high quality and exciting release.

Thanks particularly go to committer Markus Kuppe, who along with many contributions to the software, has done a tremendous favor to the entire community by driving our changeover to using GIT for source-code control [3][4], and greatly improving our build/releng and automated test infrastructure [5].

Thanks...and please keep up the great work and we move forward with OSGi Remote Services Admin standards work, authentication, greater REST support, use of the Google Wave protocol, and other directions important to the ECF community.


[2] New and Noteworthy:
[3] ECF git repository:
[4] ECF Extras at GitHub:

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