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Re: [ecf-dev] RemoteService + Context

Hi Franky,

On 10/27/2010 8:38 AM, Franky Bridelance wrote:
Hi Scott,
No problem for the late reply, I know you're quite busy with ECF 3.4 release ;-). Thanks for the answer. I'll have a look at the latest changes, but my first impression (without looking at the code) is that the extensibility of createRequestExecutor can be used to perform the security context clean up (on thread local) that is needed in my use case. If this is the case I will come up with a full example to share with the community.

Ok. I would still like to use your use case and example to continue exploring API additions/changes to support authorization policy in ECF 3.5.

BTW, that reminds that 3.4 is almost out, it's time to begin discussing the additions and enhancements to target for ECF 3.5 and well as the timing of future releases. I don't want to rush this though...especially since we haven't even done the 3.4 release build yet :), so I'll start a separate discussion thread with some plans/thoughts/ideas of my own and we can discuss on the mailing list over the next few weeks.

I would like to emphasize that *everyone* that has ideas should contribute them publicly on this list. I'm sad to say that ECF has some resources limitations remember that if you want an addition...the easiest and fastest way to get it is to a) ask that others can identify similar needs (as has already happened with this thread); b) contribute use cases, designs, and code as much as possible (as Franky and others have also already done with this thread).



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